Desert Dunes

Man, oh, man do I love desert sand.

Have you ever gone to the beach on a hot day, kicked off your shoes and ran as fast as you could to the shore to avoid the scalding hot sand burn that always burns the s*** out of your toes?

Well, desert sand is NOTHING LIKE THIS.

Desert sand feels like velvet on your skin. It’s soft, smooth, and most of all, NOT SCALDING HOT despite soaring temperatures in only mid-march!

I spent a few hours last weekend roaming the desert dunes while Nadeem did his video thang. I’m loving the photos I got out of the excursion and already looking forward to the next time when we’ll have more time to roam different areas.

PS: Still looking forward to the day I get up close and personal with a wild camel. Stay tuned 🙂

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