Welcome to Dubai

Rome is orange and yellow. It is ancient, and it is intimate. It ruins your shoes each hour you spend wandering its narrow cobblestoned streets. It keeps you looking up, calling your attention left and right as you walk the very streets that were paved by emperors and kings. Rome is loud and chaotic, unapologetically so. There is no order, no rhyme or reason. You must let yourself be taken by it and allow it to pull you wherever it desires. The way you thought you would go and where you decided to arrive is not at all what happens in the end.

Dubai is blue and green. It is shiny and it is new. Exotic, yet familiar. Driving down the streets I feel like a child who has received a new gift. Everything is big, and beautiful, still untouched and unspoiled. The sun warms my skin, inviting me to spend every minute outside. I ache to explore, to wander and to get lost. But Dubai is not like Rome, where everything is accessible by foot. Dubai is a big city – one that needs to be learned.

Welcome to Dubai, Gillian. What’s next?