Adventures in Edinburgh

A couple of friends and I traveled to Scotland over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I often get homesick on Thanksgiving because it’s always been my favorite holiday. It’s too far of a trip to make back just for a few days, so I was so glad this year when my friend’s family friends extended their Thanksgiving dinner invitation to us.

Thanksgiving day was spent exploring Glasgow. We wandered around the Cathedral and the Necropolis freezing our noses off. It was the first taste of winter I’d had in a long while. We were so thankful when we arrived at the family’s house because it was so warm and cozy, and because the cooking had already begun and the kitchen smelled absolutely wonderful.

The night was filled with warmth and laughter. One of my favorite things about living abroad is that I often find myself in evenings like that, spending time with people I’ve never met before yet everyone gets along so well.

The next two days were spent in Edinburgh. We walked the royal mile and toured the castle, amazed by the views from the top. Those views were nothing compared to when we hiked Arthur’s Seat, though – what a hike! We hiked steeply uphill for half an hour before realizing we hadn’t even made it halfway. It was worth it, though, at the top. The view was spectacular.

One of the coolest things about Scotland was that the sun always stayed low in the sky. It was terrible for a traveler without sunglasses (me) but it made for some pretty great photos. Check out some of my favorites 🙂