Weekend Getaway: The Italian Dolomites

Nadeem and I were itching to take one last trip before we leave this beautiful European city we have called home for the past four years. Originally we had decided on Norway, a country I’ve always wanted to visit, the country he wanted me to visit with him and his friends last year at the beginning of our relationship, the country with a breathtaking landscape that would give us the break from the city that we both craved. Unfortunately, planning a trip to Norway for just three days isn’t easy, especially when it turns out that now is one of the best times to visit both the fjords AND the northern lights. It wasn’t going to work. Plan B – the Dolomites.

The Dolomites are a mountain range in Northern Italy that make up part of the southern Alps. Arriving was simple enough – we took the frecciarossa from Rome to Verona and from there we rented a car. After a night spent in Rovereto with the family I spent my first three months in Italy with, we drove up past Bolzano to a small town named Arabba.

We spent two nights in Arabba while our days were spent exploring the Dolomites by car. Around every corner we oohed and aahed at the impressive sights and heights. The Dolomites are so unique in their form and it was basically a photographer’s paradise.

Thanks to Nadeem for being such a wonderful and willing model 🙂 Check out some of my favorite shots below!