I surprised Nadeem for his birthday with a weekend trip to Ischia, an island off the coast of Naples. It had been a busy couple of weeks so I didn’t end up doing any research before we left of what to do or things to see (I know, I know) but in the end it absolutely didn’t matter. Ischia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Besides being warm, sunny, and full of just the right amount of people, I was amazed by how clean the streets were and how aligned each cobblestone was! Was this really just a 40 minute ferry ride from Naples??

Thankfully N and I have an amazing track record of traveling together and making the best of the times when things go wrong. Making up for my lack of research didn’t prove too difficult despite the bumps we hit along the way. We spent our days missing trains, lounging on the beach, wandering between towns, spending too much on a water taxi, eating delicious food (go to Aglio Olio e Pomodoro for the best bruschetta in the world!!!), getting full body mud masks from the natural thermal baths, and narrowly making it in time for the last train back to Rome.

Definitely one of the best trips we’ve taken. Check out some of my photos below and check his out, too!