Tourist at Home

I played #touristathome last month while my friend was visiting. We hit all the big ones – Burj Khalifa, Grand Mosque, Desert Safari… the UAE really is a whole new world that I have yet… Continue reading

Desert Dunes

Man, oh, man do I love desert sand. Have you ever gone to the beach on a hot day, kicked off your shoes and ran as fast as you could to the shore… Continue reading

A bright, blue day at the Creek

shout out to Nadeem for those last two shots 🙂

Welcome to Dubai

Rome is orange and yellow. It is ancient, and it is intimate. It ruins your shoes each hour you spend wandering its narrow cobblestoned streets. It keeps you looking up, calling your attention left… Continue reading

My Last Eurotrip

It all started when I posted a tbt photo of my friend Abby and I from the last time she visited me in Rome. She commented on the post saying that she wanted… Continue reading

Adventures in Edinburgh

A couple of friends and I traveled to Scotland over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I often get homesick on Thanksgiving because it’s always been my favorite holiday. It’s too far of a trip to… Continue reading

A Perfect Autumn Day in Rome

Yesterday I experienced my first earthquake. Two earthquakes, actually, about an hour apart. I was home alone sitting on my couch as I watched my entire studio apartment shake. I felt like my… Continue reading

Our New Media Ecosystem, or: The Attack On ISIS Did Not Take Place

The world we live in today is so very different from the one I lived in as a child. Usually that statement would come from someone much older than I am, having gone… Continue reading

Weekend Getaway: The Italian Dolomites

Nadeem and I were itching to take one last trip before we leave this beautiful European city we have called home for the past four years. Originally we had decided on Norway, a country… Continue reading

A New Home in Rome

In all of my four years in Italy I’ve lived in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome. I loved the narrow cobblestoned streets and the lively atmosphere day and night, not to mention being… Continue reading